My Morning Matcha Latte Recipe

Is there anything better than a hot mug of something delicious in the morning, especially in these winter months? It seems to add a little bit of joy no matter how early it is and signal to your brain that it is indeed time to get after this new day! I used to be a daily coffee drinker and loved (and still do) the taste and smell. Eventually as I have become a more intuitive eater and worked on managing my anxiety, I noticed that coffee definitely made me feel more anxious. I started looking for a lower caffeine alternative which led to my matcha latte love. 


Matcha is a potent powdered green tea, made directly from the green tea leaves. It's a beautiful bright green color. You can use the powder to make lattes which is what I do daily but you can also add to smoothies, baked goods, etc. I make a daily latte which I'll share below and love the pick up and health benefits that I get from it. There are more formal ways to make it but I've tweaked my process over 2 years to make it manageable and delicious every morning!

Matcha benefits include antioxidants (helping to ward off diseases and strengthen the immune system), fat burning properties, increase metabolism, boosts energy, detoxifies the body and more. I find it that it does make me feel alert but also relaxed, unlike the rush I would feel from coffee. 

Like anything it's important to try out different foods and see how they work with your own body. And believe me while we were in Italy I was still enjoying my espressos :) but I love matcha for my every morning option! 

The below taste may seem "grassy" at first if you're not used to it, but the coconut butter adds a delicious sweetness. Note that coconut butter is different than coconut oil but you can find it at any health food store or online (linked below). If you try this and notice it's different from the matcha you've gotten at the coffee shop that's because they tend to have matcha mixes loaded with sugar. Give it a try for awhile and let me know what you think!





Heat your water (I run the amount I need through our coffee maker, you could also use a microwave or tea kettle). Add matcha and mix with electric frother. If you don't have one you could use a whisk. Next froth in a spoonful of coconut butter. In a separate cup (I use a glass liquid measuring cup), heat up your milk. Cashew has worked the best for me in terms of being creamy and frothy. I usually microwave this for 2 mins. Froth in a scoop of collagen for extra froth and the hair/skin/nails and more benefits of collagen! Pour the frothed milk in your mug and enjoy the gorgeous color, taste and feeling! 

Comment below if you have any questions or shoot me a a message!